Sunday, 26 February 2012

England 12 - Wales 19

Well watching that was hard work, but a good result in the end. Italy up next in a fortnight and then possibly a Grand Slam decider in Paris on the 17th March.

Hopefully we'll come up against a weakened French team as they are playing on four successive weekends to make up for the match cancelled due to a frozen pitch.

I thought England continued to show signs of improvement. Despite being a Nothampton fan I have to be critical of Ben Foden who is becoming a bit predictable at full back. For this reason and to encourage strength in depth it would seem a good idea to give someone else a try out at 15.

On the war gaming front, the next 12 Romans are on the painting table and I'll work on these during the week. I'm also considering a small order to Foundry, despite the high prices, for a few extra blisters to round out these armies. For Spanish and other allies/opposition there are better and cheaper options though (A&A, Crusader, etc).



Michael Awdry said...

My word, what a match! Been an Englishman, obviously I felt a try at the end would have given a scoreline that reflected, a little more, the intensity of the game, nonetheless a well deserved Triple Crown to Wales.

Steve said...

Hi Michael

Unfortunately Dave Strettle is one of those players who, to me, just seems very unlucky at international level. Whenever it is a 50:50 situation he is on the wrong side of things. A bit like much of Mark Cueto's England career. Both fantastic players just not blessed.

The Welsh win was largely a matter of luck given the great defensive play by both sides and reminded me of Scott Gibbs's match winning try at Wembley.

Naturally I am happy that we had the luck, but a draw would have been a fair result yesterday.


Phil Broeders said...

I missed the game as I was fighting (losing) the Battle of Naseby. Got back home and watched the highlights on the BBC site. What a great result! We played pretty badly but still managed a win - and that never say die attitude holding up the ball on the try line speaks volumes for the team. We'll beat Italy - and just hope the French crumble.

Steve said...

I don't wanna sound like a bad loser, but as soon as I heard the video refs welsh accent I knew he wernt gonna give that last try...
Good game though!

Steve said...

TV ref was Iain Ramage, who is Scottish, not Welsh. I don't think they allow officials to be of one of the playing nations.

Can't see even an English ref being able to confirm a definite try based on the footage...