Saturday, 28 January 2012

Plans for Jan/Feb

Hi all

The Battle of Neustadt will be fought as a game on Wednesday at the Newark Irregulars. Anyone who can make it along is welcome. Kick off should be by 7.30.

This has meant spending time today (and tomorrow) making sure units are correctly labelled for the battle. One day I'll make some more permenant labels, but this is complicated by the armies changing structure during the 1809 campaign - divisions swapping between corps, etc.

Next weekend I'll need to tidy up my 28mm Dark Age early Saxons for a game on the following weekend - as well as catching the start of the six-nations tournament.

Once THAT is out of the way I'll be turning back toward the Back of Beyond by doing some writing, scenario design, etc using my 28mm collection and adding to my miniatures with some Pendraken 10mm. First steps will be some painting of the new little chaps ane a re-read of Peter Hopkirk's "Like Hidden Fire". Hopefully I'll get this into a magazine article later in the year, probably on the Malleson Mission but possibly covering Dunsterforce or the 3rd Afghan War (or maybe touching on all 3!). Either way it'll feature lots of Wolesley Helmets and dust...

I'm not planning much else with any intensity for the rest of 2012; just chipping away at BoB and keeping tinkering with the 6mm naps in readiness for a push towards 2015 and the grand Waterloo bicentenniel.

I'll report back on the battle after Wednesday.


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