Sunday, 8 January 2012

1809 Campaign: orders for 20th April

Both sides now need to regroup and take stock after the momentous events of the past day.

The French orders are as follows:
  • Napoleon with 3rd and 8th Corps will hold at Vohberg and await  the arrival of 2nd Corps under Lannes & Oudinot
  • Soult with 4th Corps will leave a garrison at Pfaffenhofen and march, with 3rd HC div, to Geisenfeld to cover Napoleon's right flank
  • Lefebvre with his 7th Corps (Bavarians) plus the 4th and 5th Divisions of 3rd Corps, 1st and 2nd HC and the LC of 3rd Corps will move along the north bank of the Danube to Neustadt.

The Austrians:
  • I and II Korps will leave a garrison at Regensburg and march to Abbach, sending forward scouts to find IV Korps
  • IV Korps itself will hold at Teugn/Hausen
  • The main body of the army: III, V and VI Korps, Grenadier reserve and Cavalry reserve will hold in the vicinity of Abensburg.
The Austrians will be more likely to be able to collect some of their walking wounded and stragglers as they held the battlefield. This gives them something of an advantage. In some ways it would have been good to send the cavalry reserve in pursuit of Napoleon but the HC had tired themselves in their support of V and VI Korps and the LC were on the opposite flank of the battlefield. Anyway, they are Austrian and pursuit is something the other side do...

I'll work out the effect of all this and publish a new map either tonight or next weekend.


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