Sunday, 15 January 2012

1809 Campaign: 21st April orders

After a quiet day fo ordering up reinforcements and resting the more tired formations, both armies are now better prepared to renew hostilities.
The army will manouvre to fall upon the main body of the enemy in the vicinity of Vohberg, maintaining a strong right to defend against any assaults across the Danube.

III and IV Korps will form the vanguard of the attack, supported by VI Korps and the reserve grenadiers and cavalry.

V Korps will form the right-flank guard, covering the river crossings stretching west from Kelheim

I Korps is to advance with all possible speed to join the main body

II Korps is to act as a strategic reserve and should march upon Teugn-Hausen

The army is to reassert itself and will do so by both facing the enemy in the field and threatening his lines of supply and retreat.

4th Corps including 3rd HC will march initially to Mainburg before turing north to attack the enemy by way of Mainburg

3rd Corps (1st, 2nd and 3rd Infantry Divisions) will advance upon Neustadt. If the enemy are encountered as expected, the formation will hold its position in preparation for a general attack upon the arrival of reinforcements.

2nd Corps will follow behind 3rd Corps. If the enemy are encountered then 2nd Corps will form to the right of 3rd Corps to give battle. Opportunity for aggression should be sought.

8th Corps will march via Geisenfeld to act as a link between the moan body of 2nd/3rd Corps and the flanking march of 4th Corps.

7th Corps and the attached divisions will cross the Danube and re-form at Vohburg. The Heavy Cavalry divisions are to continue their march to support 2nd and 3rd Corps.

3rd Corps, 5th division is to act as rearguard for 7th Corps.

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