Friday, 20 January 2012

1809 Campaign, 21st April Battle of Neustadt

Here is a rough idea of the potential for battle around Neustadt. The Austrians have advanced III and IV Korps with the reserves (Grenadiers and Cavalry) behind both and IV Korps covering the left (southern) flank.

The French have brought up Davout's 3rd Corps (well, 3 divisions of it anyway), with Lannes's 2nd Corps to its right, supported by 8th Corps. Davout and Lannes each have a heavy cavalry division attached. Massena's 4th Corps is en route and will arrive at a point close to where 8th Corps deploys; along with a third heavy cavalry division.

The Durnbucher Forst dominates the centre of the battlefield, dividing it into two major zones of open terrain. The French infantry will find the forest less of an obstacle than the Austrians will, but it will still slow them down, particulalrly the less experienced conscripts.

This appears to present the Austrians with an opportunity to strike hard at Davout while holding off the rest of Napoleon's army. The arrangement of the road network and the river Abens means that 4th Corps will not easily be able to slip around the Austrian flank.

From a wargamer's viewpoint this looks like an interesting battle to play out on the table and could make a good game for the club meeting on Feb 1st...

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