Tuesday, 8 November 2011

1809 Campaign, overnight 18th-19th April

Issues ordered overnight 18th-19th April:


III and V Korps to engage enemy to front. Attack to commence from 3am
VI Korps to support left flank of V Korps.

Army reserve will be reorganised. All grenadiers to be placed under direct command of Gen Leichtenstein. Reserve cavalry to be commanded by Gen. Hessen-Homburg. Grenadiers to support III Korps. Light cavalry of the reserve to cover right flank of III Korps. Heavy Cavalry to remain in reserve.

IV Korps to march with all speed from Eggmuhl to Langquaid and then join in the assault on the enemy.

I and II Korps to seize Regensburg. After securing and garrisoning the fortress, then march to Kelheim via Abbach. Be aware of expected major engagement at Abensburg.


3rd and 7th Corps to expect enemy to front. Orders are to hold and seek opportunity for counterattack. Light cavalry of 3rd Corps to provide screen to the east. 8th Corps to secure right flank at Neustadt. 1st and 2nd HC Divisions along with Demont's Division (III/5) to provide reserve support and act under orders of Marshal Davout.

III/4 Division (St.Hilaire). Leave rearguard at Regensburg and withdraw to Abbach. If pursued by enemy in force then act to delay them. be aware that the Emperor expects to engage the enemy main body at Abensburg.

Marshal Lannes: Ride via Reichertshofen to join 2nd Corps and assume command. Lead the corps to join the Emperor at Neustadt/Abensberg
Marshal Bessieres: Accomapny Marshal Lannes and join the Emperor

2nd Corps. Due to arrive at Pfaffenhofen. Upon arrival, immediately march for Neustadt via major roads. Force-march if necessary. Marshal Lannes will join you and assume command from Gen Oudinot.

4th Corps. Advance element expected to arrive at Pfaffenhofen. Orders are to hold and await remainder of Corps and 3rd Heavy Cavalry Division


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