Monday, 7 November 2011

1809 Campaign, 18th April

The action continues.

After the early-morning activity the Austrian main body continues to press on the stoic line of Bavarians while IV Korps advances to the east. VI Korps threatens the Bavarian right flank but is itself somewhat diminished by the detachments left behind on its march.

The French 3rd corps under Davout has now deployed half of its strength in direct support of the Bavarians of 7th corps with its remaining infantry divisions and light cavalry just crossing the Danube.

2nd Heavy cavalry division is attached to the advance elements of 3rd corps.

Advancing from Ingolstat are 8th Corps (Wurttemburgers) with the 1st Heavy Cavalry Division in the lead. They are racing to join 3rd and 7th corps:

The main activity of the day was the fighting between the Austrian main body and the Bavarian Divisions of the 7th corps. The bulk of 7th corps was pushed back towards Abensburg, but 2nd Divison is still holding Rohr.

The French have now accumulated a sizeable force at Abensburg and if they wish, a significant battle could be fought tomorrow. Alternatively they could withdraw to the west to await the arrival of 2nd and 4th Corps.

Austrian options include a continued push north by the main body, or a westwards move by part of the army to threaten the French supply line. Reinforcements are due from the north, with two corps converging on Regensburg which is held my the few thousand men of St.Hilaire's Division.

Orders will be interesting and the role of the Austrian IV Korps could be key. Will they be ordered north to ensure Regensburg falls quickly or will they turn west to fall upon the left flank of the Abensburg position?


JWH said...

Hi Steve,

Really interesting so far, thank you for taking the time to post it.

Did you play out the fighting between the Austrians and Bavarians or did you resolve it with a couple of dice?



Curt said...

This looks great! The 1809 campaign is one of my favorites (currently finishing John Gill's study of it). I really like the map you've created. What miniature rules do you use to determine the tabletop battles?

Steve said...


The initial battles have just been corps v division affairs so I have rolled dice for these.

The first big battle is now due and for this I'll use my "squares" rules (available from the relevant page tag at the top of the blog)