Saturday, 27 August 2011

Partizan next Sunday

Just a reminder to the blogosphere that it is the Partizan wargaming show next Sunday (4th September 2011) at Kelham Hall near Newark, Nottinghamshire.

I'll be putting on a demonstration game using my 6mm figures and the new napoleonic rules I have been working on so if you come to the show please say hello. I should be easy to find as I doubt there will be too many 6mm napoleonic games on a 6x6 table.

Now I have to think of a scenario! Thoughts currently are:

  • Eggmuhl (or something like it)

  • Aspern-Essling (day 2 probably)

  • Znaim

or I could do something entirely hypothetical. With only a week to go at least I can't over-think it too much.

See you there!


JWH said...

They all sound good options for scenarios, but Aspern-Essling is always particularly interesting...

Looking forward to seeing it



Curt said...

I wish I could attend but several thousand miles of ocean (and work, time, money, etc.) prevents me. Nonetheless, these trifles will not discourage me in saying that Apern-Essling is always a good nail-biter.

I have a modest collection of 6mm stuff based for 'Grande Armee' so I'm going to give your rules a look as I'm a complete rules junkie.