Monday, 15 August 2011

New Napoleonic Rules (2)

So, I have played three turns (3 hours) of day 2 of Aspern Essling using the rules I outlined yeasterday.

A few things have cropped up and been added to the stuff in my head:

a. maximum capacity of wooded squares is 2 brigades & 2 batteries
b. heavy cavalry get +1d per base when they assault
c. heavy cavalry can absorb one more hit than light cavalry
d. combats involving combinations of cav and inf need to be split down to match off equal numbers of cav and inf, with "spare" cavalry then affecting the infantry combats (sort of, easier in practice than to write down)
e. cannister is represented by a d10 for gorse artillery and a d12 for foot artillery, looking for 6+ in each case
f. following moralre rolls after combat if 50%+ of one side's brigades withdraw then all do.
g. rally may be attempted unless there ar UNENGAGED enemy in an adjacent square.
h. assulting infantry who lose a skirmish roll-off and would normally be repulsed can choose to "push the assault" and fight the engagement with -1d per brigade

All-in-all I am really pleased with the way the rules play. The need to mark hits requires a lot of counters, creating a sea of red which detracts from the look of the battlefield. Alternatives such as cotton wool would not work as well though as the counters can be slotted between the ranks of the troops on each base. Perhaps clear counters would be a solution?

I do want to keep the "hits" concept as napoleonic warfare was attritional, so a simple destroy/push-back like in DBA wouldn't give me the effect I want.

As with my previous rules I like the reward for keeping a fresh reserve to push into an engagement when each side is being worn-down. The new version will also make the combined divisions of the allied army at Waterloo work better than the old rules as lowe quality Dutch militia will gain a benefit from standing in the same square as veteran British infantry.

Off to fight a few more hours of the battle now!

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