Sunday, 8 May 2011

Output for today

Quick snaps of today's projects

First is the rebased Porterfield's Virginia Light Infantry: Then the two swamps (Last Valley originally) with their new paint jobs and additional foliage. Kirkwood's Delaware Light Infantry can be seen marching through:

...and in more detail below. These have also been re-based today:

Lastly, my latest company of British grenadiers gets its feet onto a base:

Hope you had a good weekend!


Bedford said...

Very nice work indeed!

The more I see AWI games etc the more I become tempted by the war to go and buy! Given the Hurculean size of the Perry range and my delight in collecting vigenette style units etc this is a very a dangerous and serious matter! :O)


Steve said...

You should, really!


MiniMike said...

I agree with Bedford. These are very very nice and a good inspiration. Don't know what you added/changed to the Last Valley swamp but it sure looks good now. Cheers, Michael

DeanM said...

Bases look good; figures are great too! Regards, Dean

Bedford said...

If only I could find the time Steve. As it's a 'period' that I don't know in any depth and as well as painting time would have to be invested in reading too. And then of course there's all the uniform research added on to that.

But then again, that's why we do it really :O)

Maybe you could suggest some books that would prove worthwhile?


Dalauppror said...

very Nice!
Realy like the Blue and red colours on the Porterfield's Virginia Light Infantry.

Best regards dalauppror