Monday, 2 May 2011

Last Wednesday (2)

As promised, some random shots of the game from last week:

1. The castle overlooking the battlefield. The curved stram around it was originally for the Geminde-Au adjoining Aspern village from my Wagram demo game:

2. The massed ranks of the Empire square up against the thin red line on the hill:

3. Two divisons combined intoa mass of men, 15,000 strong to assault the KGL:

4. The British Guards stand firm (Adler figures painted & based by Postman Paul)

5. On the French left a Division of light cavalry and two regiments of Hesse-Darmstadt infantry set off on their march:

6. A more panoramic shot of the battlefield:

7: The Army of Italy commanded by Prince Darren of Newark, take on the Brunswickers but the conflict is bloody and will only be decided by a later flaning manoeuvre by the Italian Royal Guard and a brigade of French light cavalry:

8. The KGL are forced back from their hill, while the Guards get squeezed on the flank:

9. A close up of the men of Hesse-Darmstadt, still in their Seven Years War-style uniforms (Baccus figures, painted by me)

10. A brigade of French light cavalry. Hussars in front [including elite company] and Chasseurs behind. (Baccus & me again)

11. The division of light cavalry played a significant role on the left flank, eventually making the Allied position untenable despite the brave defence:

Back to work tomorrow, but its napoleonics again at the club on Wednesday night!


Monty said...

This is excellent stuff, Steve!

Bedford said...

Yeap, you have to love what you have done in 6mm.

More next Wdnesday please.


Benj Flores said...

Great stuff, I am impress keep it up.

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