Thursday, 12 May 2011

Back to Montebello

We played a smaller game at the club this week. Sticking with the same rules we rolled out my old scenario for Montebello with 8 or so French brigades taking on around a dozen Austrian. The Kaiserliks have the advantage of numbers while Lannes's army has the quality and command...or so we thought.

The French had a great start, decimating one of the three Austrian divisions and sending Watrin's renforcements across the river to threaten the Austrian left and rear. With 3 game-hours remaining the Austrians had been pushed to their breakpoint but it was then that Lannes lost all ability to command troops. The second half of the French pincer first halted then withdrew, taking the pressure off the Austrians and removing all of the impetus from the attack. Watrin (me) tried to be too clever and attacked two cavalry brogades with the infnatry of his division, losing both combats when he probably would have won a single comabt by throwing in all three brigades. In the end the brave Austrians clung on for those last few hours, pushing back the last desperate attempts by the French to make the one last inroad they needed.

Austrian victory! Well done to Generals Anth and Paul. I'm sure Prince Darren and I will be avenged in the future :-)

Next week I think we are playing Force on Force.


airhead said...

Hi Steve, hope you don't mind but I've put a link to your blog up on mine, and nominated you for the stylish blogger award. Keep up the great work. Loving your AWI stuff.

All the best


The Angry Lurker said...

Love a good fightback.