Saturday, 16 April 2011

Plastic AWI

The Perrys have announced that one of their next plastic releases will be AWI British Infantry - cut down coats with cocked hats/round hats/saratoga cap head options - brill. After that will be Continentals and Militia. Good news!


Ron said...

This is great news indeed!

Consul said...

Yeah this really is great news! They might be a little easier to paint than the Brit regs I have at the minute.

I've got a massive box of AWI still waiting to be painted. In fact, I've got a massive box of a lot of other periods too! D'oh...

Steve said...

Welcome to the club, Eddie

From memory I have unpainted:
28mm AWI (about 500 figures?)
6mm Napoleonic British (easier to weigh than count)
28mm ECW (100 or so)
28mm Republican Romans (100 or so)
28mm Dark Age (hundreds or unpainted or requiring repainting)
15mm Ancients (lots)
28mm Plastic ACW (just one box, but I think it might grow)
28mm WW1 in the near east/Back of Beyond (probably 60 or so, plus some rebasing to do)
28mm Crusades (not too many, but they are lurking in the garage somewhere)
28mm Ancient Greeks (another 60 or so)

Probably lots more besides...
Steve :-)

Fritz II. said...

I remember a talk to DaveThomas at the HamburgerTactica. I asked him if he knew whether the Perrys would bring out Plastik-AWI's. He laughed and mentioned that this would not happen. I'm glad to hear that he seems to be wrong. :-)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I know, it really is fantastic news!!!!