Saturday, 30 April 2011

Last Wednesdsay (1)

The game went well. I experimented with using d10 for combat rather than d6 but don't think it made much difference. Still have a few rules ideas to try out.

I took some pictures and will get them up here on Monday


Alfrik said...

D10 does allow for more and varied "results" than the typical D6 chart would allow.

Steve said...

Partly true Alfrik, but it depends what you ar doing with them. My rules compare defender's die with the attacker's. If both use d6 or d10 the cvhance of doubling, tripling etc is the same - but the effect of die modifiers is lessened. Overall this change therefor made a slight, but very minor change to the game.

I'm toying with lots of other possible mechanisms - but first I need to have a think about what I actually want to model. I'm wondering about a mechanism that removes the need for casualty markers.

Might try out some new ideas next Wednesday (Paul, you listening?)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I nominated you for an award on your superb blog here: