Sunday, 24 April 2011

Demonstration game thoughts

Hmm. I will be doing a show demo at Partizan in the Autumn and taking this to Salute next year. It will be something from the south in 1780-81 but I'm not yet sure exactly what to do. There seem two candidates in my head at the moment:

1. Guilford Courthouse - obvious, perhaps too obvious.

2. What if - Lafayette's light infantry and the French force of flank companies entrapping Benedict Arnold in Virginia in early 1781. Could expand this by setting it slightly later and bringing in Philip's British reinforcements and Morgan's light troops from Cowpens...this would give a lot of characterful units and be an excuse to field some French troops. Doing hypotheticals always seems like a bit of a cop-out, though.

An outside third choice would be Eutaw Springs perhaps?

Comments on these ideas would be welcome.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Number two for me - I always like to see the French on my AWI game tables... :o)

Jerry Lannigan said...

Dear Steve,

You might consider moving the battle a bit north to Monmouth. There you would have the ability to field two armies both of which have trained, drilled forces at hand. There would be light dragoons, light infantry, "hat companies, and whatever - including Molly Pitcher. It is a balanced affair and would give your Continental Line a chance to "show their stuff."

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I'd suggest Eutaw Springs as it's a much less covered engagement that has a very nice opportunity to see what would have happened if Greene had been able to stop his men from plundering and pursue the then disordered British thus removing the block house stalling point and the battle winning British counter attack that eventually happened.
Battlefield would hold lovely modelling opportunities with the camp, block house and woods as well.


scotty said...

I'd go for option 2, when at shows and looking at the games it tends to be the terrain and eye candy that make games stand out. not necessarily historicla refights

Steve said...

Couple of points against Monmouth.

1. I really prefer the southern campaigns

2. It is a flippin' huge battle!

I think I need to get an order to gether for some Perry french ;-)

Giles said...

Monmouth is a good 2-day game....
I vote 2 as well. Guilford is fun but I agree is a bit obvious. I don't see a problem with hypotheticals because we aren't exactly spoilt for choice for set-piece AWI battles - sometimes the only way to field large numbers of different troop types is to do a what-if. Eutaw would be good - lots of vignettes in the British camp, Lee's Legion and the Highland Emigrants...

It will be very interesting to follow the preparations on this blog!

Best wishes


Steve said...

Thanks for the comments. I think 2 is calling to me more. I can visualise a Virginia plantation being used as an HQ by Benedict Arnold and the British, being caught in a pincer movement by his enemies, precipitating a bitter battle as he attempts to break for the coast...Should have plenty of scenic possibilities plus British, Loyalists, French, Militia and Continentals. How come no-one has done this before? :-)