Saturday, 23 April 2011

Briar Creek (3)

The conclusion of the battle!

The melee with the militia had indeed resulted in a rout, but a sharp volley by the rebel main line caused the British light company to skedaddle too, leaving a gap on the left flank. Meanwhile the rebel reinforcements - two companies of regular infantry finally made it to the battlefield:Both sides now reformed their lines:

The British decided enough was enough and sent in their cavalry to break up the militia, which they did. A sweeping advance smashed in the rebel left and one troop of horsemen then withdrew leving the other embroiled in an ongoing melee:

The rebel right continued to hold firm while the British yet again re-formed a line of troops to oppose them.

The cavalry, having drawn breath, charged the militia on the left yet again, pushing them back into the newly arrived regulars:

With their left in disarray:

The rebel regulars wheeled backwards to cover the flank:

The British had now been attacking for 9 turns. Both militia brigades were now broken but the regulars were standing firm and the laurels of victory were awarded to the defenders!

I'm still hammering out the victory conditions for the scenario, but having the regulars unbroken after 9 turns seems a reasonable result.

Not sure what I'll set up next, perhaps a scenario from earlier in the war. I have one based on part of Long Island 1776 which I'm keen to test out.



AD said...

Another excellent report with great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Bedford said...

So..... Partizan sometime this year Steve??


Steve said...


The British really did faff around for far too long before getting stuck in. This played into rebel hands and shows why, in reality, they did not engage in prolonged firefights.

Black Powder seems to model this really well.

Planning to try a game at Partizan in the autumn and then take it to Salute in 2012. Probably something "southern" and will give me an excuse to get Lee's legion foot painted up next. Guilford Courthouse seems an obvious one, but it is a bit cliched. Hmm.