Friday, 22 April 2011

Briar Creek (2)

More news from the front! The British left (the 71st Foot) concluded that the prolonged firefight was not favouring them and it would take too long to wear the militia down that way. The light company and part of the main battalion charged the militia on the rebel flank:As the redcoats crashed home they hoped to sweep the enemy away, but closing fire resulted in the centre companies becoming shaken. They held their nerve however to bring the fight to the militia:

...while behind them the grenadiers of the 60th foot began to shuffle onto the battlefield (igonre the figures, I know the 60th didn't look like this, but these are the grenadiers I have):

The 71st's centre companies were driven back but the light company continued in melee with some unexpectedly tenacious militia, who rode their luck all the way!:

The fight continued for yet another round, but the rebel generals were aware that there could only be one outcome, especially with the arrival of loyalist cavalry; and refused the remainder of their right flank, leaving the entangled militia to their fate:

Both rebel flanks were angled back from the line of battle as the last few photos show:

The British now need to deliver some decisive attacks to break through, but the dice have not been smiling one them.

More soon...


Sire Godefroy said...

I'm quite excited about your report. Gets the AWI juices flowing - or so they say.

Thanks for the effort!


Bedford said...

Nice! Are you doing something along the AWI thing for Partizan Steve?

My memories of your last game at Kelham Hall are still with me


Anonymous said...

Excelllent, as always! You run an inspirational blog.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice! Always good to see more AWI!


DeanM said...

Wow - fabulous looking game with beautiful figures. Regards, Dean