Sunday, 16 January 2011

Order placed

Hi all, It is Sunday so I am posting again as promised!

I have been away for a long weekend which, among other things, gave me a chance to finalise my ideas about those new BBDBA armies. I have decided to go for a matched pair of Pyrrhic and Camillan Roman. This gives me the pike army I was looking for, which can be morphed into a number of other armies by slightly altering the troop mix. The Camillan Romans are a nice mix, but not as Blade heavy as the roman armies that follow it. It is a simple job to convert it to a Polybian Roman army though and the pair of armies have plenty of potential to take on lots of opponents.

The order went in to Essex Miniatures so should arrive next week in time for the first paint to go on next weekend!

I have also ordered a couple of packs of Gallic chieftans to try and finish of my Gauls to BBDBA standards.

In the meantime, the Middle Imperial Romans will get an outing on Wednesday.


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