Wednesday, 29 September 2010

2nd Guards finished

Above is the "whole unit" shot of the finished and based 2nd battalion of guards. Below is a closer shot of some of the bases:

Next is a picture of the officers. The two chaps at front left and front right were originally standard bearers but were converted by the addition of muskets from the foundry French Revolution range (I bought a mob deal a few years ago)
...and lastly some of the rank and file:

Overall, the Army Painter seems to have worked OK and I'll try it on the 1st Guards!
(and yes, this unit was originally going to BE the 1st guards! I just lost track...)


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice job and it seems you got AP really working for you.Looking forward to seeing the 1st Guards.


DeanM said...

They look great - so their plumes are black? I was wondering if a light dry-brush of gray/white on them would make them stand out from their bicornes better. Dean

WABit said...

Pretty good overall effect. I've just got to get around to finding some ttime to try the method you prescribed earlier Steve.


Steve said...

Hi Dean, actually the hats and plumes are both more of a dark grey. They just look black in the photos.

Note, that I have chosen to go for black plumes, I have no definate evidence of any particular colour!

When I do the grenadier company I might go for a different plume colour :-)

Steve said...

Hi Darrell

I think "pretty good overall effect" hits the nail on the head. They are not stunning museum pieces but they are better than I thought I might get.

The question now is where AP "fits in" to my painting technique for AWI figures. I think it will become (if anything) and intermediate step prior to painting any black items and I'll probably end up doing more post-"dip" highlighting than I did this time. This might vary from unit to unit - I expect it will speed up hunting shirts, for example.

The other thing is whether it offers anything over the GW washes, which I like a lot!