Friday, 27 August 2010


Nothing new here, but to satisfy a friend's curiosity here are some pics of my AWI cavalry. Above is "bloody Ban" himself, Banastre Tarleton converted from the officer figure in the foundry AWI Continental Dragoon Command blister. The helmet has been converted with gree stuff but that is about all. The casualty he is threatening is from the Foundry French Revolutionary range. Below is a close up of Tarleton's head. The conversion was fairly simple:

  1. Take a pair of pliers and squeeze the original horsehair plume into a thin piece of metal sticking up from the helmet
  2. Trim this excess metal away with a scalpel or scissors
  3. Make a small "sausage" of green stuff of the right size to form the bearskin crest of the Tarleton helmet
  4. Place this sausage onto the helmet
  5. Take a fine needle and make lots of little holes all over the sausage to create the correct texture and allow to harden overnight
  6. Roll out a thin piece of greenstuff and cut a small "fan" shap out of this with a scalpel
  7. Use the point of the scalpel to pick up the fan and transfer it the the left-hand side of the helmet
  8. Use the scalpel blade on the greenstuff fan to give the impressin of feathers.
  9. Allow the greenstuff to harden and then paint away!

The next photo is of part of my main cavalry unit of the British Legion, I have a further 6 figures to add to this unit depending on the scenario. These are all modified from the Foundry Coninental Dragoons or the Perry 17th LD in southern dress, with appropriate headswaps or greenstuff modifications.

I also have a little unit forming a Legion detachment that can operate independently or be added to the main unit (to total 21 figures). This unit includes skirmishing figures from the Perry pack of 16th LD "foot dragoons" and a dead horse from Front Rank

Lastly is my detachment of 17th LD using a mix of uniformed and southern dress figures. These are probablya bit too smart for the later period of the war but I like them like that!


Dalauppror said...

Realy nice and inspiring cavalry !

Ubique said...

That conversion is very nicely done. Very effective.


AD said...

That is fanstastic work. Well done!

Hobbyworker said...

Nice looking models as always

keep up the good work :)

Bedford said...

Wonderfull stuff Steve!

Hopefully I will see this unit probing the enemies defences this weekend(?).


Steve said...

Thanks, Darrell. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday