Inspired by something posted by Too Fat Lardies on TMP I thought I'd have a go at some cabbages. Not bad!

These are made from the small roses sold in craft shops for making cards and decorations for weddings.

The other crops are made from clump foliage and rough turf texture (Woodland Scenics)


SpeedyFrenchy said…
nice one! I may have to steal your idea for my own terrain collection...
Wow...what an idea that looks fantastic, Im gonna have to borrow that idea if you dont mind and put it on my farm, again great job.
I see why you wanted to give it a try as that looks very nice.

Paul Sawyer said…
Very nicely done! Are the roses expensive? They certainly look the part on the terrain...
Consul said…
These look great! Very well done. Don't the 'cabbages' go funny when you paint them?

See you at Partizan, I'll also be exhibiting. You'll be able to take a photo of me with the game for the blog!

Take care,
Steve said…
Hi Paul

The roses were quite cheap, a few pounds for a bag of about 30. Should get a few gardens out of that lot!
Rafael Pardo said…
Surely your French looters will take these cabbages to eat!
Alfrik said…
Nice change for "gardens", certainly adds character. As others have posted I'll be adding some lines to my garden plots.
Paul Leach said…
Very cool. Thanks for posting.
Your blog is so useful, I can tell you have put in a lot of work on it.
Tony said…
I have also copied the paper roses/cabbages idea.

Thanks for the hint.