Monday, 2 August 2010

Busy week!

Just not very busy with anything "visual"

I'm still writing AWI scenarios and background material and spent the weekend knocking together stuff covering the Saratoga campaign, having more or less finished the stuff covering the South in 1780-81. I have also largely completed the 1775 Boston stuff so really now need to start filling in the bits in the middle - although I have roughed out scenarios for the Philadelphia campaign already.

Hope to finish off Saratoga narrative and scenarios tonight. Tomorrow I'm on a speaking engagement and Weds I'm hoping to get to the club for a game. Should get more writing done on Thurday though and then I'm on my hols - so I'll get a chance to print off and proof read the progress to date.

I haven't forgotten that I'm also doing an AWI demo game at The Other Partizan in the autumn...


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