Sunday, 4 July 2010

Waggon, civilians and riflemen

Apart from adding some traces with black cotton, I have finished the 4-wheel ammo waggon. Again, this has been painted in a neutral colour so it can serve on either side. I'm pleased to have this done as it was a Father's Day present. Another shot below:
I have used the second figure from the waggon pack to add to the wenches who normally stand outside the tavern:
Next are a company of riflemen I painted up, making plenty of use of GW washes:
Finally, the assembled civilians:
The terrain boards are progressing, but the pond still needs lots more varnish and the cliff board needs to dry out and have flock added. Photos in the week.


DeanM said...

Beautiful work and nice period. Museum quality painting and basing. Really makes me think I need to get some civilian types too. Regards, Dean

Furt said...

Love these - could use them all in my own games. Especially like the wench vignette.

Tony said...

Nicely painted - well done.