Friday, 2 July 2010

Round-up of the week

No spectacular terrain building this week, but I have been painting some figures and hope to get some photos up here by the end of the weekend. Its been too hot to do much else

I have finished off the painting and nearly finished the basing on the Perry civilians - just the flock to go.

Also on the table has been a pack of Perry riflemen to add to the existing collection. These have come out well with a white undercoat, thin paint and GW washes, followed by highlighting. These now need basing-up for use in games. I am about 1/3 of the way through painting the 4-wheel ammunition cart too.

The plan is to finally finish the von Bose regiment for Guilford CH next. These have languished semi-painted for a couple of years and really need to be completed, as does the basing on the 55th foot, who I originally started at least 6 years ago! They are painted and stuck to bases but the bases have never been finished off. These are Foundry figures so represent the regiment in the "Bunker Hill" phase of the war.

In the garage I do have two terrain boards nearly ready for a coat of "rustic brown" so I'll do that tonight or tomorrow. If the weather is good over the weekend these may progress further. Before painting I just need to glue some rubble/gravel to the bottom of the cliff/escarpment to blend it in better. A simple wall of cork bark lacks a degree of naturalism...

It might then be time to order some new figures (shhh about the hundreds of unpainted foundry uniformed militia in the garage - I'll get round to them) as I need to revamp my British collection to better reflect their dress in the South at the end of the war. Perry are the obvious candidates but Warlord Games promise an announcement of two new plastic periods this weekend, so it may be worth hanging back and seeing what emerges. Plastic AWI in campaign dress would be VERY useful.


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