Saturday, 17 July 2010

Help for Paul and coach WIP

Here ya' go Paul. 33rd Foot musicians in all their glory.

Below, for the rest of us is my WIP on a 4-horse coach to add some class to the AWI. This uses parts from the MiniFigs 18th and 19th-Century kits. The chassis and coach body is 18th, while the driver's seat is 19th and I have used both pairs of large wheels from each kit to get that 4x4 look and to help it cope with the roads in C18th America. The HumVee of its day...
There is still a lot of painting to do on this, and the horses too. With the left-overs I should be able to knock up a cabriolet to have mouldering in a barn.
The kits go together pretty well considering the age of the moulds, shame they don't come with instructions! I had a few head-scratching moments and did initally glue the driver's seat in the wrong place.
..and I have just worked out that about 10 years separate the painting of the 33rd above from the hessians in the last blog entry. Overall I think I have managed to keep the style failr consistent depsite the time and the use now of GW washes.


Paul said...

Thanks Steve - command stand! What colours did you use to achieve such a rich, but muted, red?

DeanM said...

Ah, that's quite lovely. That style of grenadier bearskin really has a certain appeal. Nice work. Dean

Steve said...

Hi Paul

After 10 years, hmm...probably Anitas burnt umber and GW Blood red. I seem to recall using a lot of Blood red then, and having it regularly dry up in the pot :-).

Rafael Pardo said...

My own painting from ten years ago seems almost childish now!
A great command stand and a lovely coach.

Galpy said...

Man that stand look incrediable such nice smooth painting great detail awesome job