Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Busy with non visual stuff

Hi all

No pictures today but a quick catch up. The terrain is going nicely but is on a temporary halt while I wait for a thick layer of yacht varnish to dry off in the rivers and pond. This will need a further layer of gloss varnish but I'll give it a good week or so first.

The garage is being tidies to remove the worst debris from terrain building and to sort everything into boxes and onto shelves. I have cleared out a lot of old gubbins and invested in some new storage boxes. I'n not entirely happy with my second batch of trees so will revisit them at some point.

On the painting table are the von Bose Hessians. These are Perry miniatures and are a mix of firing, loading and charging figures very much like my British units. Some of the poses are a bit tricky to use - muskets a high porte etc and I am deciding exactly how many figures to paint. I like flags to be in the middle of a unit, so 4 stands doesn't work brilliantly. I'l probably do 3 stands of 6 figures each and two "bookend" stands of 3 figures to extend the frontage without needing to do so much painting. I did the same with the 71st Foot and it also allows for some diorama work on the bookends. After this are some more AWI British Generals.

Most of this week's spare time has been occupied with researching the 1780-81 campaigns in the South in order to write some scenarios for the little chaps to re-fight. This doesn't produce much visually appealing end results hence the lack of photos. I'll try to snap the hessians as a work-in-progress tonight as compensation!

The weekend didn't see much gaming stuff happening at all, but I did meet up with James Morris and Rob Broom. We chatted through our Partizan plans as James is revisiting his El-Cid collection for a demo game, I'm putting on my AWI effort and Rob is likely to be showcasing his Project X stuff (Scarab Miniatures). It was also good to meet up as families and see each others kids (the ultimate miniatures!). Hopefully we'll get together agin soon for some gaming.

So, I suppose that is it really. At some stage I must update the sidebar on this blog with useful links etc as it is looking a bit out of date now.


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