Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wagons ho!

One of my aims at Partizan was to start building up a collection of waggons, etc for the AWI. Mobile baggage is a great way of adding flavour to scenarios and has the added benefit of looking good!
I picked up three packs of Perry Miniatures from Dave Thomas and have managed to get them assembled, based and painted. These are the first completed figures off my table for several months, so I was relieved that they seem to look OK and I can still rememer how to paint (more or less).
First is a powder wagon:
Then a small tumbrill:
Then a wagon carrying ammunition boxes:
Please excuse the small patches of white PVA, this is still drying and gues the carts to the bases. Bases are of 4mm mdf, chamfered at the edges and textured with filler, then with grit and static grass. These bases match my wargames roads.
The carts have all been painted in an "aged wood" finish so they can be used for either side. The base of this colour is dark grey mixed with olive drab, this is highlighted up by adding in light brown and then a sand colour. Finally a quick wash with GW Devlan Mud mixed 50:50 with matt varnish. Wheen rims are dark grey, followed with a 50:50 mix of matt varnish and black ink.
I think the horses came out OK. These were quickly drybushed up from dark to light shades before then being progressively washed with gradually darker and thinner glazes of paint, ink, water and varnish.
Partizan photos soon...I have cropped and sorted them and just need to find the patience to upload them to a blog entry!


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