Thursday, 3 June 2010

Terrain workshop again!

It has been a lovely sunny day, good for drying paint and I managed to spend most of it in the garden getting on with the buildings I bought at Partizan. During the last couple of days I have added extensions to the two Hovels buildings and I assembled the watermill (from Frontline?). The big brick house has had a garden room type of extension, with french windows. The barn has had a couple of added rooms in the same way as the livery stable received. The buildings have all had little extra bits added such as barrels and crates to make them looka bit more "lived-in".
Here are all three, now more or less finished:

A close-up of the extension to the brick house. This should do as a stand in for the Chew House at Germantown:
Lastly, two shots of the barn, showing the added sections in more detail:

Next on the plans is a camp using the plastic tents from Renedra...



Consul said...

The barn conversion is great! How did you make the extensions?

I'm going to put in an order with Hovels in the next few days for a few appropriate buildings for my AWI terrain (hopefully the terrain boards will arrive at some stage). Any particular recommendations for buildings or useful accessories?


Steve said...

Hi Eddie!

The extensions to the barn are made from 5mm thick foamcore. The three sides are glued together and the inside of the corners strengthened with small secions of wooden batten.

BEFORE assembly, each foamcore wall is covered with card or matchsticks, depending on what I am making - this is MUCH easier than covering after assembly as it lets you trim off overhangs etc. In this case the wooden vertical planking is made from strips of thin ceral packet card.

Once the walls are covered and assembled, a rectangle of card or plasticard is cut to form the basis of the roof. This is then covered in strips of card, each about 8-10mm wide and snipped half way through to look like tiles/shingles. The strips are overlapped to give the finished roof effect. Again, glue the strips to the roof BEFORE gluing the roof to the building.

Windows are made from chopped up fly-swatters.

Once assembly is finished, the corners of the building can be finished off with matchsticks if necessary and the edges of the roof finished with strips of card or more matches.

All these materials are pretty cheap, but they do make the rather basic Hovels buildings a bit more interesting..

Start with barns. They are meant to look rustic so it doesn't matter if your building technique is in its embryonic stages :-)

Hope this helps!


Tony said...

I like what you have done with these buildings, simple additions such as these make a good building great!

Very well done, and beautifully painted as well.


Monty said...

Brilliant stuff, Steve - very impressive!



Dalauppror said...

Nice Looking buildings!

scotty said...

Fantastic modifications to the buildings and excellent brushwork

Scott Dallimore said...

Brilliant stuff - all of it!

Scott Dallimore said...

Brilliant stuff - all of it!