Thursday, 17 June 2010

Rustic Brown

As you can see from the picture above, the construction, groundwork and bits & bobs are done on the house and it is time to get out the Cuprinol Rustic Brown fence paint to undercoat it. I have used this for terrain for a while. It is cheap, profides a good seal for vulnerable foam etc and dries to a useful medium brown colour - not as dark as something like Sandtex Bitter Chocolate.

Below are some shots of the undercoated building, drying off in the evening sunshine:

As well as the building I have also moved along with the next river terrain board, now it has had a good week drying slowly while weighed down with paint tins etc to limit any warping.
First is the pre-undercoat shot:
...and then after a sloppy coat of rustic brown. Some bits are still wet and you'll have to excuse the shadow of the tree!

Between the evening sun and tonight in the garage, these should be ready for some more paint tomorrow evening when I get in from work.


Monty said...


I shall reiterate: 'I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!'
Brilliant stuff, mate - impressive as ever; interesting info about the paint used too.



Chad Sikes said...

I really enjoy your terrain projects. They are truly inspiring.