Friday, 18 June 2010

River Board Painting

I have been starting to paint up the river board today. This started asa plain flat terrain board from TSS and has been substantially modified to create a river, a flat area for a watermill and a water channel taking water from the river to the mill wheel. Above is the board with its base coat of rustic brown, followed by a coat of a lighter brown made my mixing the brown paint with a bit of white, terracotta and yellow.

Below is the board after a heavy drybrush with a lighter and yellower shade. The rocks (made from cork bark) have been painted with various shades of grey.

The following photo shows the board after most areas have been given a very heavy drybrush with a sand-coloured masonry paint:

Lastly, the first bits of green going on. I use a green fence paint as this is very thin and allows the colours underneath to show through - like a glaze does when painting figures. Eventually most of the "yellow" areas will be green, but they need to dry first! This may seem an odd process for a board that started green anyway, but it does give a very tough playing surface once finished.

The river bed has also been painted in the same green paint.

Tomorrow I'll finish the green and continue with the river using progressively darker blue and indigo. Afer that the wooden edges of the water channel can be painted and the process of varnishing the river can begin. This will involve multiple coats and possibly some varnish being poured into the river. How long this takes will depend on the river.

I now return you to England v Algeria - hope this goes OK

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enionline said...

Interesting work.