Saturday, 19 June 2010

Building latest

Now around 99% finished, here is the modified Hovels building. I have opted for yeat another white finish, this time with wine-coloured doors and shutters.
The groundwork has been done in the same way as the terrain boards in the last post but with lighter drybrushing, including patches of green fence paint. This has then been enhanced with static grass. The barrels and bags have been given a wash of GW Devlan Mud.
The wooden areas are painted with a mix that starts with dark grey/olive drab/light brown and is then highlighted by adding in more light brown and then a cream colour.
The roof tiles are similar but with more grey in the mix and less brown, highlighted by adding a touch of white. Much better overall than just using greys.
The brick chimneys are painted light brown and then glazed using an acrylic rosewood colour woodstain from Cuprinol (originally purchased to paint my front step). This gives a nice brisk red finish and dries in about 30 minutes.
Below are some further shots of the house and yard:
I now need to wait for the PVA to dry before finishing off the step outside the annexe door (made from an offcut from the resin fences) and painting the apples in the barrel by the back door.
The terrain board is not forgotten. It has had 2 coats of green fence paint - but it is cold today so drying is very slow and everything is still a bit wet and shiny at the moment!



Consul said...

This is awesome! Very nice work here.
I'm working on my hovels stuff at the minute - not sure whether to put them on a base or not though, tricky decision.

Looking forward to your next post.

Steve said...

Hi Eddie

For what it is worth, if in doubt then add a base. It will helpt to protect the building and allows you to add those extra bits of barrles, boxes, fences etc to make the whole thing look "lived in". It also allows you to blend the building into your terrain a bit. Don't go overboard. My bases are usually only just a little bigger than the actual building unless I specifically want to add a yard (like in the newest one).

Some buildings, like those from Grand Manner already have some scenic bits on the outside as part of the casting. They don't need a base, but the Hovels ones will if they are going to match up on the table.

Look forward to seeing more of your work soon.


Tony said...

Looking good.


scotty said...

An awesome looking model, yet more fantastic work


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Absolutely wonderful work!