Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Battle of Charlotte v2

Tonight at the club we fought out a more complete version of the Battle of Charlotte scenario that I blogged about a few months ago. I took pictures during the game.

Here are the "naked" terrain boards:A small farm lying north of Charlotte:
A view of the battlefield looking south east:
The small town of Charlotte, the courthouse dominating the town on its brick pillars:
The british forces assemble off-table:

The defenders take position in Charlotte:

The first wave of attackers enter the fray:

The american wagons wend their way out of town lookink for escape past the milita lines and over the river:

The British Legion foot make it through the town and take up position along the road:

The milita of the second line prepare to defend the fence line:

The wagons see safety in sight:

The British bring up the 23rd and 33rd Foot:

The 33rd run into trouble while in march column:

Here the scenario ended. The wagons had escaped, although things were very close and the British had suffered through their cavalry failing numerous command rolls. C'est la vie!


Andy McMaster said...

Excellent report! Lovely terrain and figures. Always good to see AWI goodness. Thanks for the other Partizan pics as well. The new Baccus were rather nice weren't they! I was very tempted...



Sire Godefroy said...

What an excellent looking game! Beautiful table layout, great scenic bits and fantastic miniatures - who could wish for more?
The size of your British force revives my hopes to get a playable army together in the foreseeable future, too. Many thanks for sharing!


Steve said...


Charlotte was a small battle and one of the chalenges was to make it "work" with Black Powder - rules designed for big battles. I opted to break the Legion and light infantry into companies/troops of 6 figures. This gave 12 units rather than 3. The American were broken down into similar sized units. I will still tweak the scenario a bit, but overall it gave a good & close game on the night.

Figure counts were:
24 cavalry
108 infantry
plus a few officers

60 Militia
30 Riflemen (representing militia rifles and dismounted dragoons)

So, not too bad for a "starter" scenario.


Dalauppror said...

Hi Steve

Love your terrain! Very nice AAR! Looking forward for more:)

Best regards Dalauppror

Lannes said...

hi great stuff
cant wait to see more
its made me intrested in garthering
an army
ps i also sculpt my own terrian
hope you look me upp