Sunday, 13 June 2010

AWI Camp

Before emabarking on the next round of tree and fence construction I set up a little diorama today, using the newly finished camp (Renedra tents), home-made trees and a few other bits and bobs I have recently finished. The scene is of a British camp somewhere in the Carolinas circa 1780. A patrol of 17th light dragoons ride off to scout the local woodland, while Cornwallis and his officers look on.
Above is the whole scene. The good weather let me set up in the garden. I think the trees look quite effective. The fences help to frame the scene and make more difference than you might think.

Here is Cornwallis's map table. The maps were made by reducing imaged of real maps of the period (thanks, Google) down to a suitable size - approx 2x3cm using a 1000 pixels per inch resolution.
Above, the 17th LD gallop out, past the commissary tent at the back and the surgeon's tent in the foreground - note the stretchers, these come as part of the bell-tent pack from Renedra along with the camp fire that you can see next to the map table.
Another shot of the gallop above, the trees making an effective background.

The generals look on above. Major hanger seems to be trying to tell them something...
I have used plenty of sacks and barrels from Hovels with extra barrels from Renedra to add some atmosphere to the camp, while keeping it quite generic so it can be used for either side, or even in other periods.
Panoramic shots of the camp and house.

Below are a couple of more close-up shots taken from between the terrain features for a more "realistic" feel.
Hope you like these, please leave comments if you like.


Sire Godefroy said...

The idea of the scaled down maps is simply stunning. You don't mind, if I steal that, do you? ;-)

Great output so far, looking forward to the full installment.


Donogh said...

Brilliant stuff!
Maps are fantastic, and fruit barrels, crates and fires add an awful lot to the entire scene

Monty said...



DeanM said...

What a beautiful set up and fantastic out-of-doors photography. Reminds me of those taken by Philip Stearns in "Color Treasury of Model Soldiers". Excellent work all-around.

Dalauppror said...

Very Impressive !!!

I realy like your trees, think I have a go for some my self...

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Giles Allison (tarletons quarter) would love this!

Exquisite, absolutely lovely..

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

This is really some superb stuff and the atmosphere you have created is awesome!
I can't wait to get back into the AWI in July and this just inspires me all the more!


Der Alte Fritz said...

That is a wonderful diorama. Adding the house is a very nice touch that completes the scene.

95th Division said...

Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! 28mm or 15s?

Harry jack said...

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