Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hello all,

Here is the almost finished river section of my terrain boards. Just another few coats of varnish to go on the river. As today has been so hot, I should get about 10 coats on in total. This would normally take a couple of weeks in the cooler weather!

Here is a shot of the halfway finished Mecklenburg County Court House, standing on its brick pillars. The windows are make by cutting up a fly-swatter (75p each on sale) - thanks to John D for the tip!

The walls are made from foamcore, with ceral box card used for the planking on the outside. The windows have a lintel and widowsill made from matchsticks and the rest of the fram is completed with more cardboard. The chimney and brick pillars are made from dense polystrene foam, embossed using an old biro.

...and a sot from later on as the roof starts to come together. Looks like a few evenings' work to get this finished off.

That's it for now



Monty said...

Impressive stuff Steve...



Rafael Pardo said...

A very beautiful view. Your terrain board looks very natural... and the flyswatter trick is cool!