Wednesday, 18 November 2009

First foray into Black Powder

Got down to the club for the first time in a few weeks, taking my copy of Black Powder and some AWI figures.

I set up a small scenario, a sort of cut-down Camden, to try out the rules with Phil and Martin. Unit stats were cobbled together and based mainly on the Freeman's Farm scenario in the rulebook.

Overall the game played quickly and smoothly, although with inevitable delays for looking things up in the rulebook. I think that these are the way forward for my AWI gaming and look forward to having another bash next week.

First thoughts for revising unit stats are to hinder the H-to-H ability of american rifle units and find further ways to hamstring the militia!



Consul said...

Steve, I'm increasingly drawn to small skirmish games due to the frustration i've experienced painting ancients to get a gameable army! Don't tempt me with a AWI skirmish scenario!

Can anyone join the club? I'm thinking of joining when i'm back in Lincolnshire.

Steve said...

Yep, anyone is welcome. We meet most Wednesdays from about 7.30 at the Scout Hut on Lover's Lane, Newark.

Blackpowder isn't exactly skirmish though!


WABit said...

Just bought a copy, spent five lapping up all the sexiness before having to head out for Jules adieu party. He's moving to Oz......

Barmy Army :0)