Thursday, 3 September 2009

1st British muster

The second guards brigade is now finished, so here is a muster of my first four British brigades for Waterloo:Loads more on the painting table.



Eric said...

As a new comer, I would like to say THANK YOU for your blog, it helps a lot for anyone (me in particular) who wants to start in 6 mm.
One question: what is the purpose of undercoating the figures ? Some people don't use it (have a look on Adler site for example). So is it realy necessary ?

OttoMunoz said...

Those guys look pretty awesome!

I have been pondering 6mm since January. Maybe I'll start...


JWH said...


More first-class figures - roll on the Waterloo game!


Author said...

Man, I would commission you to paint me a pair of 6mm armies in a SECOND. Would you ever consider such a thing?

Oh, and I would think undercoating on these guys would be KEY. You want the undercoat of black to basically "catch" any places you forgot to put paint... and I would imagine on these tiny guys you could really miss a few tiny spots.

Anyway, those are frikking beautiful.

Eric said...

OK thanks for explanation...
By the way, which reference of brown do you use for undercoating ?

Steve said...

Hi Eric, sorry I don't understand your question as I undercoat most figures in black.

Author, thanks for the kind comments but I don't paint commission work. It is hard enough to find time to paint for myself :)

Matt M. Matthews said...

Outstanding! What color red did you use on the British?

Steve said...

Red was GW Dark flesh and then Vallejo flat red

Eric said...

Hello Steve,

Sorry I made a confusion with Braxen who is advising to undercoat in dark brown
I think I'll try both way, so to have my own opinion...

Matt M. Matthews said...


What color blue do you use for your French?

Steve said...

Hi Matt

For the French I start with Vallejo Prussin Blue and then highlight with Vallejo Flat Blue.

Veloci said...

Absolutely incredible, no other words for it.

Eric said...

Hi Steve,
For bayonets and swords, which colour(s) do you use (along with supplier's reference) ?
Same question for French dragoons helmets (yellow/gold metallic) ?
Thanks in advance

Steve said...

Hello, Eric
For bayonets/gunmetal I use a base of Anita's Acrylics Grey, highlighted with Anita's Acrylics Dove Grey.

Dragoon helmets start with a base of bronze and are then highlighted with gold and a final dab of antique gold (all Folk-Art I think)

Eric said...

Hello Steve,
I am afraid I could not find thes in France, at least where I leave... Any idea about equivalent ref in GW or Vallejo paints ?

Steve said...

Hi Eric

Don't overthink it too much!

For the muskets/bayonets you need a "medium grey" like you might paint a battleship with, and a "light" grey.

For the metallics, all ranges probably have a bronze and a gold. For highlighting you need something lighter than "gold". Either find a suitable paint or mix a little silver into your regular gold.


Peter said...

Hi Steve

These really are inspirational - I might just buy a couple of boxes of French from Baccus next time I'm at a show and paint them when in those 5-10mins sots I get throughout the day. It's not enough time to do anything with my 28mm's but I can see myself getting a strip of these done.

I've always wanted to do the big Napoleonic battles which are almost impossible in 28mm.

Keep the posts coming.