Friday, 14 August 2009

8th Brigade (Kempt)

I finished Kempt's brigade the other day. I have represented this with units of the 79th (Cameron Highlanders) and 28th Foot, along with a skirmish line of the 1/95th Rifles. The actual bigade also included a further batallion, but I'd rather not compromise the look of the base by trying to represent every unit in the brigade. The fence is a Timecast piece, trimmed down.

Next up are the second Guards brigade (Byng's), but at the moment I am rebasing sime Baccus Russians for a fellow gamer at the club who is interested in gaming grand tactical napoleonics too.



Monty said...

Bloody brilliant, Steve - again! If you get a minute, cast your critical eye on my latest Warlord offerings.
I live in your shadow - AGGHH!

Nice one, all the best,

Phill Goodman said...

Very impressive work!

Looking at Kempt's brigade, I was wondering how you settled upon using the large square bases that you base your 6mm Napoleonic armies on? They do look very striking, but I was wondering if such a shape wouldn't make it hard for you to play any another set of rules (should you want to)? I personally I am still trying to settle on a rules set/unit presentation and at the moment have it down to Polemos (and your variant) and an American set called Age of Eagles. Any thoughts?

Phill G

Steve said...

Hi Phill

The 60mm square is used by Polemos and is a smaller version of the 3" squares used by Grande Armee (and Fast Play GA) and Volley & Bayonet.

My armies are always planned with the aesthetics first and the rules made to fit the basing. I need to have armies that look nice and I want to play games with.

The squares work for me!


JWH said...


More great figures. What do you do for painting the particular 'Highland' bits (kilt/sporran/bearskin/socks/that plaid throw thing the officers wear) on these figures?


Matt M. Matthews said...


What color red are you using for your Waterloo British?

Ottawa, Kansas

Steve said...

Hi Matt

undercoat black, basecoat GW dark flesh or something similar, highlights with Vallejo scarlet.