Friday, 31 July 2009

Second British base...almost

Quiet week this week and I am on holiday next week, so no picture today.

I have finished painting the figures for the 1st Guards Brigade (Maitland's) for Waterloo and just need to finish the basing. These have apintied up weel and I am getting the "hang" of the figures now I have done a few. The guards even have their cuff lace painted on! Not bad for 6mm.

Next up will be the 2nd Gds Brigade, 8th Brigade and 9th Brigade. The latter 2 bases will form part of Picton's division and will include highlanders and part of the 95th rifles. Should be a good painting challenge

Quite scarily, for the battle itself, this will be 5/8 of the British infantry done. There are all those Dutch and Belgians of course....

see you in a week, I'll get you a stick of rock :-)


Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing them!


legatus hedlius said...

The first base looked fantastic. Can't wait for a photo of the Guards!