Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hospitaller knights

I finished the basing on my hospitallers in between tidying up my study/painting room. These have turned out pretty well, I think and it is good to be slowly getting through the pile of previously abandoned projects!


Behind_The_Wire said...

Superb work Steve, nice combination of moody and magnificent!

The free hand on the shields is very well done.

Bishop Lord said...

Stunning! what more can be said:-)That will be one very nice army when is finished

Hetairoi said...

Once more, nice result!

Monty said...

They are on the ball, Steve - very impressive. I've started a 28mm Impetus army now after seeing your earlier posts. Nice one.

All the best,


Steve said...

Cheers folks!

Steve :-)

WABit said...

Very nice work Steve......

Just thinking out loud really, but, I wonder if it's worth running a 28mm Impetus campaign day somewhere down the line?

Certainly very good rules for a demo game.

As I say, not particularly aimed at you but it could be a lot of fun :0)



Steve said...

Thanks, Darrell

I might aim to do a demo game sometime next year. I'm avoiding proper projects at the moment.

I have hundreds of 18mm ancients that I plan to re-base over time and then I'll fill in the gaps to turn these into Basic Impetus armies.

Figurenschieber said...

Your Crusaders are brilliant! Would be happy to see more in the future!

Bluewillow said...

like them a lot!