Thursday, 2 July 2009

Crusader foot unit

Hi all. I finally finished off the basing on my first unit of infantry from my crusader army. This is supposed to represent a unit of the Kingdom of Jurusalem sometime towards the end of the 12th Century. The figures are actually from the Gripping Beast "El Cid" range, with the additon of some heater-type shields. Here is the view from the front: and from the back:

Overall, I'm quite pleased with how they have turned out.
My pal, Phil has made a start on some crusaders and you can see his Templar foot unit on his blog:


airhead said...

Thats one very good looking unit, love the on campaign look you have given them.



Donogh said...

These guys look great. Unified look and feel, but some nice differences (like shields) and a bit of personality to them

Hetairoi said...

Great job!

Bob said...

Hi there.Just how did you get the campaign feel on the hems of the uniforms? I have tried but my attempts are not very good.


Steve said...

Hi Bob

They were dry brushed with successive layers of:

GW Bestial Brown
GW Snakebite leather
Anita's Coffee
Anita's Sand

lastly a very thin wash of brown ink was used to tone things down a bit

Bob said...

Thanks Steve I will have a go at your technique.