Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Battle of Eckmuhl (4)

It was a quite night at the club and as I crashed my car in Forumla De, I popped home early to get some more fo Eckmuhl completed.

By 16:45 the French left (Friant) had taken advantage of a withdrawal by the Austrians to the main ridge line. St Hilaire's bashed-up division had rallied off most of the disruption inflicted and Davout was preparing for the next "big push" with these two divisions
On the right, less was going on, due to some poor command rolls. One Bavarian infantry brigade even underwent a spontaneous withdrawal!
By 15:15 Davout's plans on the left were bearing fruit. A general attack by Frant, supported by some of St Hilaire's troops had routed the Grenzers and an Austrian infantry unit, while St Hilaire's remaining brigades assaulted OberLaiching and seriously disrupted the defenders

.. on the right, the Bavarian's attempted to use thir light cavalry to screen their infantry while it positioned itself to flank Unter Laiching, however a counterattack by Austrian hussars saw off the Bavarian cavalry and the infantry could not then risk exposing its flank by turning on the village. The Austrians also took the opportunity to withdraw their advance guard and chevauxlegers:

By 15:45 St Hilaire had taken Ober Laiching, destroying the defenders in the process. Friant continued to reorganise his division before any final assault on the ridge.

The Bavarians on the right still struggled to position sufficient troops for an assault on Unter Laiching and Demont's division suffered a disaster when its rightmost brigade failed a command roll and sponaneously attacked the Austrian advance guard. The attack war repelled and then a counterattack finished off the French conscripts.

This may be the last hurrah for the Austrians. The French are making headway into the villages and the Austrian right is crumbling fast. How will the last few hours go...?

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