Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Battle of Eckmuhl (3)

Hello folks! I have managed to get a couple more turns in and this has taken the battle up to 16:00. The following pictures show how things have developed.

On the French left, Friant's division of Davout's corps has continued to pressurise the grenzers on the wooded hill. To support this, St Hilaire has detached part of his division to support the attack with a flanking move. This was fortunate as Friant's Legere were again unsucessful as the Grenz skirmishing prevented them making contact, however they could do nothing to stop St Hilaire's men and the resulting combat forced the Grenz to withdraw.
Meanwhile, in the centre, St Hilaire was forced to withdraw from the assault on the ridge to allow his troops to rest and regroup. Davout's plan now is to continue to push the Austrians on the wooded hill to the left and hopefully wrap up that flank of the Austrian line; time permitting, of course!
On the French right, the Bavarians and Demont continued to advance slowly, although not blessed with the greatest of command rolls. The Austrian advance guard brigade, supported by the Vincent Chevauxlegers counterattacked Demont's conscripts forceing them back in confusion. As a counterpoint, the Bavarians advanced towards the Austrian Hussars, who rolled to successfully evade and fell back behind the hill.

Pressure is now building on both Austrian flanks and their centre has been denuded of artillery and thinned out be the need to reinforce the grenzers. The defenders are still holding four built-up areas to the French two, so the battle is still very much in the balance.
No updates tomorrow as it is game night at the club, see you later in the week, Ashes cricket action permitting.


Miniature Minds said...

Great stuff! The arrows really help to give a sense of the action. Did you make the trees on the round bases or can you buy them?

Steve said...

Trees are home made from wire and clump foliage