Monday, 13 July 2009

The Battle of Eckmuhl (2)

Here is part 2 of the battle report:


On the French left, Davout's infantry are again repulsed by the Grenzers on the wooded hill, however a flanking regiment is working its way around the hill to the right and two regiments continue their advance around the left. The Austrians continue to bring up part of the corps reserve infantry to bolster the defences

In the centre, St Hilaire's division begins to advance with the aim of taking the ridge to its front and cutting the Austrians in half. The Austrian cavalry battery falls back in the face of this advance.
On the right, the Bavarians advance out of Schierling, however one brigade runs into the marshy banks of the stream and becomes disorganised, slowing the advance. Demont's troops, having crossed the stream, take time to reorganise themselves. The Austrians reposition to face the new threats. Eagle eyes readers will note the appearance of hill on this flank to more accurately represent the actual battlefield.
The Austrians seize the initiative! On the French right, the grenzers counterattack the regiment attempting to outflank them and aided by their uphill position and some good fortune they rout them. Meanwhile the regular infantry also stage a counterattack, inflicting damage on their french counterparts although not forcing them back

Meanwhile, in the centre, St Hilaire continues to advance towards the ridge. His right-hand regiment runs down the Austrian cavalry artillery and the French artillery reserve is brought up to begin bombarding Oberlaiching. The Austrians load their artillery and await the onslaught

On the right, the Bavarian light cavalry come up to support their infantry on the hill, while the rest of the units reorganise and the Autrians bring up their own reserve cavalry.


On the left, both forces settle for the opportunity to rest and reform.

While in the centre, St Hilaire storms the Austrian gun line, taking many casualties but running down the gunners before being repulsed by the Austrian infantry holding the crest.

...and on the right, the Austrians opt to refuse their flank as much as they can, while the Bavarians and Demont continue to rally-off their disruption

With the battle at around the half-way stage for the day things are finely poised. Both sides will be keen to seize the initiative as this may be critical to deciding how far St Hilaire can penetrate the ridge line. A timely counterattack by the Austrians could send him skittling back. The loss of the guns however seriously removes one of the key Austrian advantages.


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