Friday, 23 January 2009

3rd ECW WIP (2)

The King's regulars are progressing nicely, although they are only about 50% of the way to completion:
I've nearly finished the Austrian Hussars for Wagram. On Wednesday we gave the new command rules a go and they seemed to work very well.


General Grant said...

Think they look great Steve. Really nice. Look forward to seeing them in action.

Having looked through your blog a bit more I notice you put on games on at Salute. Are you putting on any games at Salute or other shows this year? I always aim to go to Triples and Partizan and usually do. Not had a chance to go to a Salute yet but determined to soon.


Steve said...

Yep, I should be putting on a 6mm version of Wagram at Salute in March. I'll also be gaming at at least one of the Partizans this year, again with 6mm 1809 napoleonics.