Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Pictures at last

Well huzzah! (quite literally). I have got some more painting and basing done and finally got round to recharging the camera, so here are shots of the latest French cavalry, starting with a light cavalry general:and here are some light cavalry for him to order about (6th Hussars and 9th Chasseurs from the Army of Italy)

Bessires should be cheered up by the arrival of a second division of cuirassiers:

..and the French right flank at Wagram will be much more secure now that the dragoons have arrived (3 bases, representing the 2 brigades of Grouchy and Pully):

Hope you enjoy!


duncan said...

Fantastic Steve
I can hear the earth shaking under there hooves.
Can you gives some hints/tips on teh basing technique, materials, sequence of basing?

Nicofig said...

Great !!! Great and great again !!!

Steve said...

Thanks, I covered basing in January on the blog:


hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Most impressive! Keep up the good work!