Sunday, 1 June 2008

Saxon Progress

Over the half-term week I have been progressing with the Saxon corps of Napoleon's army of 1809. I am using Prussian napoleonic figures from Baccus for most of the Saxons, so much of the painting in the following picture has been completed since last Sunday (as usual, figures are from Baccus):

..the exceptions being the French infantry and the officers lurking at the back of the shot. In total there are 12 officers, 42 cavalry, 196 infantry and 2 guns with 8 crew shown above.

To complete the corps I have three units of 20 grenadiers and a unit of lieb-guard grenadiers (24 figs) [all austrian grenadier figures] on the table at the moment, along with 12 schutzen (prussian skirmisher figures). Hopefully these will get done this week and I can base up the corps next weekend. I must then stop procrastibating over the French cuirassiers :-)

Painting the Saxon infantry has reminded me just how much quicker it is to paint troops in white uniforms!



Braxen said...

Looking forward to see the Saxons based!!!

by the way, what's your method to paint "white" figures?


Steve said...

See the blog back in January. There are some posts about painting Austrians that cover the basics of the white uniform.


Dave said...

1st step sell soul to Satan.....

Steve said...

Ah Davie, you are sooo cynical :-)

'tis God's own scale I tell thee..