Sunday, 8 June 2008

IX Corps (Saxons)

Hurrah! All of my Saxons completed in under 2 weeks!

Corps commander (Bernadotte) and reserve artillery:

Garde grenadiers, line grenadiers and schutzen (light infantry) in a combined brigade:

A brigade of grenadiers with schutzen in front:

Cavalry brigade of cuirassiers in front and chevauxlegers behind:
Second cavalry brigade with Garde cavalry in front and a rear rank of chevauxleger and hussars (2 shots of the same base):

3 Line infantry brigades, still in their 18th Century-style uniforms and linear formations:

...and something I prepared earlier, a French brigade that I had painted up (but not based) just before Partizan

So now the much maligned Saxon infantry and their superb cavalry can take to the field to restore their reputation (if Bernadotte actually gets them there)



Anonymous said...


Still getting much inspiration from your blog ( )
However, I can't get the effect of the long yellow wheat. Do you have a link to the product you bought? I'd appreciate getting my hands on such a material.

Steve said...

This is the beige wildgrass matting from noch that I use. It comes in other shades too.


Colin the Wargamer said...

Dear Steve
Fantastic troops - very nicely painted. I am thinking of doing some Baccus 6mm Saxons, I was wondering if you could let me know which packs you used?

I believe that the infantry were Prussians - what about the cavalry?

I was directed here from the Baccus site.

Many thanks, in advance, for any help.


Colin (the wargamer)