Thursday, 12 June 2008

Gensbruck 11am

This is the situation in the battle at 11:15 in the morning.

A demonstration by the Austrian Avant Garde pinned Davout's right on the hill, while I and II Korps advance on the French centre and left respectively. Unusually the Austrians managed to win the initiative on two of the five turns played so far, allowing them to catch the French on the hop to some extent. The avant garde got battered as they went without orders for much of the morning, owing to Archduke Charles's need to get II Korps moving.

Davout has been forced to pull his entire corps back onto the hill, to establish a stronger defensive position and await his reinforcements.

The Austrian Reserve Korps has just arrived on the table and is slowly advancing towards the action. The initial orders for the Austrians have now run out, so the cautious natures of some of their officers will begin to feature. So far they have done well, but will it prove to be enough? Davout's reinforcements are just 45 minutes away!

Losses so far are a grenzer brigade and avant-guard general for the Austrians and a French infantry brigade and artillery battery from Davout's force.

En Avant!

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Phil said...

It's starting to look really great Steve - can't wait to see the fully finished demo.