Friday, 23 May 2008

Ready for Partizan

Just a couple of days to go to the small but perfectly formed PARTIZAN show at Kelham Hall. This means an early start to get tables set up for traders and gamers, but it is always worth the effort as we normally attract lots of great demo games and it is a chance to meet up with assorted wargames buddies from around the country.

I have my pre-orders in place for Timecast and Baccus, hopefully I will be able to pick up more buildings and bridges and some Prussians (early napoleonic) to morph into Bernadotte's Saxons. That should accout for most of my spending money, but I might look at the new Great War rulebook from Warhammer Historical.

Oh, on the painting table: a brigade of French infantry half-done, 2 ADCs and a small farmhouse. These should get finished over the weekend. Next up is likely to be 2 more brigades of French cuirassiers.

Cheers all, and if you are coming to the show; hope you enjoy it!

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WABit said...

The new GW book is worth buying alone just for the eye candy IMHO.

As an alternative the Disposeable Heroes WWI rules are supposed to be quite good too. Got a copy but haven't got the mini's painted up as of yet so can't comment.

Have fun at Partizan. I'll be grudgingly wishing you all well from sunny Scotland [too hard to justify the journey to Saby this year :o(].