Friday, 16 May 2008

Books and stuff

I saw this new Osprey-type book on the Battle of Aspern-Essling advertised on TMP so I have popped off an order to those nice folks at Amazon. I'll let you know what I think when it arrives.

This week has been busy. I have just about finished the two Hesse Darmstadt brigades. They just need their flags and basing. It'll be worth getting the ol' camera out then as I can also get shots of the recently completed French. After the lull of April I'm getting back on track. If I finish the artillery that I have primed up and 4 more bases of French infantry I'll be able to add Massena's IV Corps to the French army. I think I have enough already for Davout's III Corps (just lacking a bit of artillery) and the Imperial Guard. After this I think I'll do the 3 bases of French dragoons I need and then crack on with II Corps. This will cover the "big" french formations. The rest of the army consists of smaller corps and divisions which will, I think, make the painting a bit easier. My current feeling is that I'll try to get most or all of Napoleon's army finished before getting back to the Austrians.

II Corps should be fun to do. It was largely composed of part-formed 4th battalions and so each base will probably feature 3-4 small units rather then the two 24-figure units that I generally use. This will increase the number of flags and help make the corps distinctive on the table.

Speaking of the table, construction of the terrain boards goes on apace. I have all 14 boards for Wagram painted up. After a trial run at the club I concluded that they were too dark, so have been busy in the garage with green and yellow paints, drybrushing the hell out of them. The end result is a pleasing patchwork of fields. I'll try and get some snaps when I photograph the figures.
The rivers still need a bit more work, but it is definately coming together. The boards should also be fairly multi-purpose; possibly a bit too well vegetated for the Penninsula, but what the heck.

Partizan is coming up. Anyone going? I need to put in an advance order to Timecast for more buildings and bridges etc to collect on the day, and I might get some bits and bobs from Peter at Baccus. I alo plan on getting some small stand-alone hills to paint up to match the terrain boards. That way I can use them for Eggmuhl etc. That should see off the last of my pocket money :-)

cheers all


JWH said...

Hi Steve,

Will you be displaying some of your 6mm Napoleonics at Partizan, as you did at Salute?


Steve said...

I don't think I'll be doing a game as such, but I'm sure I'll have some figures with me.